Balance, Education and Relaxation


Facials and Healing Sessions are forms of taking care of your skin, both externally and internally. I strive to create an atmosphere and treatments that holistically treat your skin and inner being.

Integrating elements of Eastern and Western modalities, such as Shiatsu, Reiki, Ayurvedic Marma points and Reflexology, allows the skin to accept the treatment more effectively and deals with skin as part of a whole system rather than treating it superficially.

Only products that reflect the philosophy of utilizing the best of both natural and technological elements which are effective without being harsh to the skin are used in my treatments. Life is traumatic enough. It is my belief that balance, education and relaxation help create change in one’s skin and appearance. I also believe that facials and massages should not be unattainable luxuries and am pricing my treatments accordingly. One cannot create and maintain change without consistency. For more on loving your skin and life, visit my blog.

love, light, laughter

Soli Nichiyo Davis