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So this is the time when babies of all sorts are born, the flowers and trees are a bloom and we shed the layers of clothing from winter! Well, we would if it ever stopped raining.. LOL.
All of this rain has caused allergies a plenty and somehow the stress of this past winter has not abated either… what to do!

Allergies are caused by several things, pollen, dander, etc. – these are the external causes.
The internal causes are a lowered immune system, your body can no longer hold off a reaction to these external causes and it’s your first alert system that you are open to a cold, flu or general malaise. Stress and a stressed system play a big part in it, stress breaks down your system making it harder for all systems to stay healthy and robbing you of much needed energy and optimal health.
Unfortunately, stress is a part of modern life- we may not be able to get rid of it but we can gather tools to help us cope with it better and live a healthier and more joyful life!

Come in for a treatment, we use all of these points and many others in our facials or for more direct work in a Healing or Reflexology Session.
The Facial with Reflexology which is one of our featured specials for June is full of wonderful points that leave you not only glowing with health ( reflexology is perfect for increasing circulation in a non-invasive way and great for helping with all sorts of issues!) Don’t forget that Father’s Day is coming up and that you can use the gym to work out, take a class or relax in the sauna or spa for the day of your scheduled treatment. Please take advantage of all we have to offer and give yourself a mini-vacation in the city!

Here are a few of my tips:
There are many acupressure points, lymphatic drainage points and reflexology points that all help with allergies. This is the reason I use them in my facial protocols and body treatments- the mission of Shibumi Spa is to bring you treatments that not only feel good but help you leave healthier! Reflexology is one of my favorite modalities and the core of my healing session- clients leave feeling like they are floating and all are astounded by the fact that they can breathe better, sleep better and generally feel restored an relaxed.
If you can’t come in for a session, here are some points that I use in the treatments and do every morning during allergy season or when I’m feeling stressed.

Sinuses and allergies:
The occipital ridge- the base of your skull in the back of your head; is a treasure trove of trigger release points. They release so many areas and help de-stress your body!
In bed- First thing in the morning

As I lie in bed, the first thing I do is put my thumbs in my occipital ridge with my hands stretched out towards the top of my skull. I inhale and exhale through my nose and apply pressure along the ridge… the points that hurt are those that need loving attention. Then I work on my crown chakra- the tender indentation on the top of your head is a major sinus release point.
On your face, there are several as well- under and above your brow bone; press and breath.
Under your cheek bones; from your nose out to your upper jaw and there are two more right in the middle of your cheek area, directly under the middle of your eye.
There are lovely techniques in Hand reflexology as well and on your toes, called milking the digits, which help with drainage.

We hope to see you soon and please look at the blog for more tips in the month of December and January, those tips for your jaw point , help greatly to release stress as well!

Tips on De-stressing

Detoxifying Bath Ritual

We all have rituals. Some are subconscious and some; we carefully craft to help us navigate through our day. Here are three that I use constantly to help me remain centered, grounded and positive!
Turn your bathroom into a spa- create a sacred sanctuary at home:

1. Detoxifying Bath Ritual: I pour a cup of Epsom or Dead Sea Salts in a full bath, with a little Lavender Essential Oil. As I soak, I use a sugar scrub (which does wonders for sensitive and dry skin) while sipping a cup of green tea. Ok, sometimes I substitute a glass of wine but always have some music that you love as the sound track. Just soak or scrub away and then relax!

2. Daily Shower Ritual: Ok, so I don’t always get to take a bath but I have to take a shower every day. Get a little bath sponge and put lavender essence (to relax or tangerine/citrus to energize) on it, I put it on the top part of my shower caddy… a little aromatherapy goes a long way and there are so many wonderful essences that have incredible properties.

3. Anger Releasing Breath: Curl your tongue and stick it out (If you can’t do that, then curl your tongue to the roof of your mouth); inhale through your mouth and out through your nose. Again, pull up the breath from your diaphragm/stomach and up through your head, breathing in through your mouth and exhaling through your nose, feeling it empty from your head to your stomach. This also helps to released clenched jaws and is really helpful to those that grind their teeth, have TMJ.

Hope that helps you take a bit of the stress from your day.

love, light, laughter

FEATURED ARTICLE: Reflexology for Women’s Health

I’ve had several clients ask me about how reflexology can be used to help support health and others with questions about fertility and women’s health issues. Here is a great article that I’ve found for you. I hope it proves helpful. Of course I would love to answer any additional questions you all have about reflexology, other treatments and skincare.

love,light and laughter

Refloxology for Women’s Health

The ovary is the female reproductive system organ that produces ovum. Almost always existing in pairs, you’ll find them located in the lower abdominal cavity of the female body. Situated just on top of the fallopian tubes, with one ovary on either side of the uterus, they are the approximate shape and sizes of an almond.


At the time of ovulation every month; one single mature egg is produce by either one or the other ovary for the purpose of fertilization. Surprisingly, a baby girl has approximately 1,000,000 ovarian follicles when she is born.
Each one of these follicles has an immature egg in the middle. Generally, each of the ovaries will take turn to release an egg every month but in case of those women who have only one ovary, that single ovary will produce the eggs every month.

The ovary reflexes are found on either side of the heel at about the mid-point of the lateral hind-foot. I always tell my students to remember what side of the heel that this important reflex is located on by remembering that there are 2 ovaries and they are bilateral, away from the midline of the body. Therefore, think about the ovaries as on the outside of the foot away from the mid-line so NOT on the medial side.

Over the many years that I’ve been practicing reflexology I began to notice that lots of my female clients were reporting more sensitivity on the lateral heel of one foot one month and then the following month, the sensitivity would be pronounced on the other side.
I’ve never assumed that sensitivity means that there is something definitely wrong. I refer to all reports of sensitivity (pain) as “a call for energy”. That way I’m not diagnosing (which unless I can be 100% accurate, would be a dangerous thing to do). Instead I refer to the body being in a constant state of process – and if there is a problem, they’ll get the diagnosis from their doctor.

There are many diseases of the ovary that can affect women. Some of them are ovarian cancer, polycystic ovarian syndrome and ovarian cysts. Ovarian cancer is also referred to as a silent killer because usually no symptoms will show until the disease has been advanced to the final stage.
It has been estimated that about one-third of the women in the United States will suffer from some kind of cancer and out of these women; about 1.3% of them will suffer from ovarian cancer.
Polycystic ovarian syndrome is considered to be a hormonal disorder and it has been found that it can develop in 7% of the female population.It is one of the most common hormonal disorders that women suffer from.
Ovarian Cysts are similar to blisters and this disease usually affects those women who are still young. While you cannot predict who may get any of the diseases of the ovary, it is also better to take precautions so that you can prevent the disorder from taking place.

What can reflexology do?

Lateral side of foot

If the client reports a problem that has been diagnosed by a doctor, or even if there’s a tenderness at that reflex point during the session, I’ll take time to detail the reflex, the surrounding reflex areas and the system (or systems) that the reflex is a part of.

Like several others, the ovary reflexes are part of two distinct organ systems: the reproductive system and the all important endocrine system. That means that I’ll focus my attention on both. This is a comprehensive way of helping the client’s body to heal itself with the support of reflexology.
We do know that reflexology is phenomenal in its ability to offer relief from stress and help the body to increase its healing potential.

Wow, that’s what I call health support!
And, remember that reflexology is great for self-help too.
Here’s to your good health!
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How to protect the SKIN from extreme weather conditions?

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How to protect the SKIN from extreme weather conditions?

The Importance of the Skin Barrier System

Wintertime is the most challenging season for the skin. The cold and wind have the most negative impact on the facial area, since this is the only body part that is uncovered!

It is a well known fact that the skin’s primary function is not its beauty and attractiveness but the barrier function between the environment and inner body system. The better we take care of the skin functioning, the safer our Body feels and as a result, performs better.

People tend to use heavy creams to protect skin from the wind and cold. It is important to remember that as a living organism, the skin needs to BREATH, ventilate…! It becomes even more important under the extreme weather conditions. That is why it is a big NO-NO to clog the skin with oils, waxes and any type of extracts that are foreign to it. These ingredients simply suffocate the skin, damaging its primary purpose (the Body Guard) thus jeopardizing the whole Body functioning, not to mention causing premature aging and other skin related problems….

BIONOVA offers a HEALTHY solution to the skin by enhancing the skin barrier function. In addition, the scientists at BIONOVA know that the skin goes through different stages in its life, just as you do. That is why they have created a complete range of customized skincare to target the skin and its issues in each and every stage of your life.

There are very simple steps to protect your skin from the severe weather conditions:

Step 1: After cleansing your face and eye area apply (twice a week):

The Scrub Alternative (Oil free Massage Cream)
The Mask of your skin type
These two steps clean and purify your skin, enhancing natural skin barrier function. They contain a large group of antioxidants, essential vitamins, natural skin purified agents balanced for the skin…

Step 2: Treatment Products (twice a day):

Proceed with your regular BIONOVA treatment regimen.

Each BIONOVA Treatment product contains from 150 to 300 ingredients (depending on age group, skin type, skin problem..) the very same way that exists in the skin. These ingredients interact with each other and can perform at their highest level only while working simultaneously.

All treatment products ENHANCE the skin barrier system. Since there is no oil, waxes and other foreign to the body ingredients, the skin is not clogged and can breathe/ventilate.

As a result, being the Safe and strong Body Guard, the skin starts looking Healthy and Beautiful!

BIONOVA is currently available at Shibumi Day Spa

Soli’s Blog: Get that movie star glow!

Angelina Jolie at the 2011 Golden Globes (Getty)

Award season just started and I know you must be seeing your favorite celebrities on the red carpet and admiring their glow. It isn’t just genes that cause Angelina’s skin to look like it’s radiating from within. Great skincare and professional treatments play their parts too.

You can give yourself the same star treatment for a fraction of the cost by taking advantage of Shibumi Spa’s Spa Week specials until the end of this month. As a bonus, you get to work up a sweat in the gym, relax in the sauna or steam room and by the time you’re done with our spa treatments you’ll have graduated from star to royalty.

Guess what? We’re so generous we’ll even give you a tip! Here it is: maintain glowing, healthy skin by doing one thing: EXFOLIATE! It gets rid of dead skin, smoothes your skin and allows it to reflect light – just in case you’re faced with the paparazzi like Angelina.

SOLI’s top 3 product picks to maintain that glow:
- BIONOVA Exfoliating cleanser
- BIONOVA massage cream/scrub alternative (Shibumi Spa’s best-selling product!)
- BIONOVA facial mask for dry skin

Love, light and laughter

Soli’s blog: Starting the New Year!

Stressed out? Soli's here to help.

So many times the New Year is full of resolutions, projects and declarations – big and
small. Change no matter how welcome is stressful!

At Shibumi Spa, our resolution is to maintain our standard of providing a sanctuary and treatments that help you return to the best of yourself.

We have created specials that we hope will entice you to keep that resolution to put yourself on your own to do list. Remember that taking the time to take care of yourself helps you to be better, and take better care of the ones your love!

With your mouth slightly open, run your tongue on the outside of your teeth on your upper jaw- touching your back molars to create an internal circle. Do 5 repeats on your upper jaw and then 5 times on your lower jaw, then reverse direction and from your lower jaw first repeat the circle 5 times and then go back to your upper jaw.

If you grind or clench your teeth you should actually feel and hear your jaw release, do this just before going to bed and when you wake up and you’ll feel a difference in your neck and shoulders in a few days.

Season’s Greetings from Soli!

Thank you all for your support and wonderful energy in helping my staff and I realize our dream of creating a cozy sanctuary in the heart of Tribeca.

The holidays are always hectic: there’s the cramming at work, trying to get it all done before vacations start and stressing out about family dynamics. I also think about the too many calories eaten at sumptuous holiday meals, feel guilty over lacking time to work out and fail to really take the time to relax and release.

So after seeing clients all week with tight jaws, necks and shoulders- here are my Holiday gifts to you all: tips to relieve the tension and enjoy. Enjoy all the minor miracles we have everyday, a shared laugh, a sweet smile on a passing child, the love we share and remember to take a deep breath!

1. A tip for releasing tension in your jaw, neck and shoulders:

· While exfoliating or using your massage cream in the shower: circle from your chin to your jaw and open your mouth. This jaw hinge is a major pressure point that affects all five meridian lines; remember this point as it is where you’ll release tension. After circling from your chin to your jaw with both hands simultaneously, press that jaw hinge point (it will be a bit tender) breath in through your nose and exhale through your mouth, while sliding down to the base of your jaw. Repeat 4 times and continue to circle around the rest of your face, rinse off in the shower.

2. For Men Only!
· To get a perfect shave, even with a rough beard and sensitive skin, use the massage cream or exfoliating cleanser and massage in circles both with and against your hair growth in the shower. Doing this before you shave actually sets up your beard and helps to eliminate razor drag and ingrown hairs. This ensures a closer more comfortable shave!

Love, Light and Laughter,