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W Magazine: On the Verge: Beauty’s Newest Stars

Soli Davis
Into a world of sterile medi-spas and needle-happy aestheticians comes Davis, whose goal is to leave her clients not only with glowing, blotch-free skin but also “a feeling of complete wellness.” With a soothing touch and an alto voice as bliss-inducing as Brahms’ “Lullaby,” Davis, 43, creates a tranquil experience that reminds you why spas were created in the first place.

Download pdf: W Magazine, January 2005 (312kb)

Essence: Skin Commandments

Honor your eyes. Skin around the eyes is prone to fine lines, dark circles or puffiness. In some cases, circles are due to heredity or they’re an indication of illness or lack of sleep. In addition to getting more rest, you can use certain products. Puffiness can be reduced with products that act as a decongestant, but cucumber slices and green-tea bags work just as well. What else works? Helena Rubinstein’s Force C Eye Gel and Oil of Olay’s Refining Eye Gel. Soli Davis, an aesthetician at Helena Rubinstein Beauty Gallery in New York City, recommends putting eye creams on the bone around the eye, not directly under it, to keep the cream from getting into the eye.

Download pdf: Essence, August 2000 (216kb)