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May 5, 2011 By Tabitha

Recently, I visited Shibumi for a complimentary treatment. Shibumi Spa is located at the Eastern Athletic Club, which is at 80 Leonard Street, in New York. Director Soli Davis talked with me about her upbringing with a family of healers. She talked about learning reflexology and other techniques that contribute to making her practice unique.

I decided to try the Anti-Oxidant Exfoliation from Head to Toe and 60-minute Healing Session. The healing session incorporates a number of massage techniques used to relieve stress at pressure points. The treatment began with an exfoliation. I was scrubbed from head to toe with a sugar scrub, then covered with a foil-like covering, known as a Mylar wrap, to allow the ingredients to properly absorb into my skin. I, then, took a quick shower to wash off the scrub. My skin felt incredibly soft afterwards. Soli then did the healing session and focused on the points on my body where I hold the most stress. For me, that would be my back and shoulders. They were full of knots. Soli worked on them for a full hour.

Spending two hours at the spa felt like a rare indulgence for me. Its the perfect Friday afternoon session, to unwind after an intense work week. Its also perfect as a gift for Mother’s Day. No mother would turn down a massage.

To check out their spa menu, go to

HIP Magazine: Treat Your Body Goood!

The great thing about Spa Week is getting to experience new ways to revive and renew your body at an affordable price. The great thing about reading HIP is that you get a heads up on which ones to make sure you go out and enjoy before it’s too late.

Imagine the scent of cranapple, pomegranate sugar scrub then imagine the luxurious feel of it warming to your body as you are wrapped in mylar. As the delicious scent invades you, the softness and warmth of the scrub leaves you languid. That is what Shibumi Spa ‘s Anti-Oxidant Head-to-Toe Exfoliation is like. The mylar blanket’s heat allows the scrub to penetrate and soften your skin as capable hands gently knead your feet and arms. Your face will be cleansed in gentle strokes then treated with an anti-oxidant mask. This 45-minute treatment gets rid of dead skin and allows better absorption of moisture while combating acne and dry skin. My face glowed and acne spots were less visible. Never has my skin felt this clean. Try it and your skin will be so soft you’ll want to compliment it out loud!

If that wasn’t enough to convince you to take time to rest and give your body a treat, maybe an Abhayanga massage from Fine Living New York Ayurveda will do the trick. The Ayurvedic experts follow the 5,000 year-old ancient method that takes into account your body, skin type and state-of-mind to give you customized treatments. Using generous amount of strokes and oils (the house has its own brand), the Abhayanga massage manipulates the marmas (energy points that are junctions of the body and mind) to help us find balance and stay grounded. Simply put, this Indian treatment removes fatigue and stress, promotes energy and moisturizes the body. My arthiritis-striken legs were stiff and aching when I got to FLNY Ayurveda, but I left with looser limbs after just one 50-minute massage. This massage has just enough pressure to untighten the kinks without pummeling the body. If you doubt a massage can be both effective and soothing, you haven’t had an Abhayanga massage.

Spa Week specials are just $50 each so go treat your body good now. Everyone needs at least an hour a week to heal and pamper themselves and if you usually go without then consider it a challenge to make an appointment and head over to one of these spas now. Trust me: your body will thank you later.

- S.M.

HIP Magazine

AsianceMagazine: Just had most amazing facial and massage

Hey ladies,
Spa Week starts next week! I just received the most amazing Anti-Oxidant Exfoliation, Head-to-Toe massage and a Facial with Reflexology, Head-to-Toe courtesy of Shibumi Spa on 80 Leonard Street in Manhattan.

It’s important to take care of yourself and I recommend getting a facial and massage once a month to help maintain your body. Busy ladies need to pamper themselves! Don’t forget, no matter how caught up you get in your work!

Here is what Shibumi is offering for Spa Week:
1. Anti-Oxidant Head to Toe Exfoliation- A luscious 45-minute treatment that restores and replenishes, a luxurious cleanse, super gentle marine enzyme peel and a body exfoliation of Pomegranate,Cranapple Sugar Scrub- wrapped in Mylar while your face is being rid of all of the season’s dead skin. This leaves you super soft, incredibly hydrated and glowing from head to toe.
Originally $ 85 – Spa Week $50

2. Glycolic Facial Special- A super effective and relaxing 45-minute facial, that smoothes over fine lines and gets rid of the season’s residue.
A special cleanse, massage and super gentle peel- help you glow from the inside out, special elements of shiatsu and reflexology take you away on this mini-vacation that brings you back looking and feeling your very best. No extractions, but the gentle glycolic gets rid of the blackheads and other debris, leaving you glowing and ready to roll during your lunch hour!
New Addition $ 90.00 – Spa Week $50

3. Massage – this 45-minute massage will ensure that you are restored from the inside out! A special offering created just for you. A customized treatment, using multiple modalities- dealing with aches and pains or simple relaxation. You’ll float out of the door looking and feeling well-rested.
Spa Week exclusive $50

***these offers can only be purchased once per client***

Jaymie’s blog

Beauty By Benz Spa Week Suggestion: Shibumi Spa

Apr 8, 2011
With Spa Week just around the corner I’ve done a fair amount of research (I promise it’s ALL for you and I’m getting very little out of all these amazing massages. Cross my heart) about salons and spas for you to check out for your $50 treatments. But ever the procrastinator, I had an appointment at Shibumi Spa last night for an Antioxidant Head-To-Toe Exfoliation, followed by some reflexology. The Antioxidant Exfoliation is one of the $50 Spa Week specials that Shibumi Spa is offering, which regularly goes for $85. For 45 minutes I felt truly pampered while I was scrubbed down with a pomegranite and cranapple sugar scrub, followed by a marine enzyme facial peel. Don’t be scared by those at all, they are both super gentle and nourishing for the skin, and I didn’t have any irritation or tingling on my skin. I just felt the wonders of having soft skin while being able to relax. I’d definitely recommend having this treatment done for Spa Week.

On a more personal note, I also signed up for the reflexology, which I’d never done before. I was a little scared, but when I learned that the owner of the spa, Soli Davis, would be doing my treatment I relaxed a little bit. I mean, obviously the owner knows what she’s doing, eh? Well I was shocked at how intuitive she was even before she had me in the room with just a towel on. A former dance teacher with a bum knee, having issues with stress and a post-nasal drip (friggin weather!) could look like a perfectly normal person when they walk in to your spa, but someone with the extensive training that Soli has can pinpoint these things right away. And she did. The reflexology was effective, and Soli was extremely informative. There’s no hidden agenda here to get you to go back to her every second, she really cares about teaching you tricks to use at home so that you can release tension and become your best self.
For more information on Soli Davis and Shibumi Spa, please visit their website. But to book your $50 Antioxidant Head-To-Toe Exfoliation, head over the Spa Week website now!

SPA WEEK BLOG: SCRUBS (not the TV show)

Post by Breanna Crowley, Spa Week’s Associate Director of Operations

So yes, I work for Spa Week, and no, I do not go to the spa all the time. In fact, I probably get there less than you do. I’ve had the basic facials, massages, waxings and microdermabrasions before, but for this time around, I wanted to try something new.

I don’t know about you, but between the hard water and the heat in my apartment always blasting, telling you that my skin got dry over the winter months is like telling you that Charlie Sheen is slightly egotistical. After speaking on a personal with my client Soli Davis, who is the Director at Shibumi Spa at the Eastern Athletic Club in Tribeca in NYC, on a more personal level, it became apparent that I was in need of body scrub. Now I just had to find the time to sneak over there to let her work her magic! (Read Michelle’s account of Soli’s magic too. And this one. Soli works a lot of magic.)

The service I received was the 45 Min Anti-Oxidant Head to Toe Exfoliation with Marine Enzyme Peel and Body Exfoliation of Pomegranate and Cran-apple Sugar Scrub (and yes, Shibumi is offering this for only $50 during Spa Week so you can indulge and repair your skin as well).

Let’s talk a little about the treatment. Simply put: it was AMAZING. Really, I wasn’t expecting it to be a full head-to-toe experience, but it was. This top to bottom exfoliation has a cranapple-pomegranate sugar scrub for the body, then you are wrapped in a Mylar blanket for deep hydrating penetration; the face is cleansed, followed by a papaya enzyme exfoliation with an anti-oxidant mask. After the scrub was over, I hopped in the shower and have never felt skin so soft in my life.

The next best part is the “Shibumi Experience.” After your service, you have the opportunity to work out, take a class, lounge in the steam and sauna or chill out in the spa lounge and listen to the waterfall.

If you are looking to revive your skin and put your best foot forward this spring, I suggest you call Shibumi now to book your appointment. But hurry, services as good as this book up fast, even if they are extending their Spa Week (shhh….)! 212.343.8788

Read more here: Spa Week Blog Spring Cleaning Beyond Your Closet…

It’s unbelievable that it is April here in NYC and it’s still snowing. Springtime fever couldn’t come any faster! Regardless of the temperature outside, I still need to clear out the Winter junk so I can frolick under the sun. I need to do this more than anything in the world, since I’ve actually stopped having time to organize during the last month of crazy projects.

Here’s some ways to deep clean your home, body and wardrobe for you and me to start a brand spanking new Spring chapter.


1. Febreze Flameless Luminary. I have an obsession with these flameless candles. They smell extra good and won’t burn down your house — you know, in case you “accidentally” forgot it was on.

2. BedbugLogic. Since the bed bugs hit the news, I don’t think I will be too safe by protecting my sheets and clothes from these nasty critters. A few sprays ensures you won’t be eaten alive. .


3. Katch Eternal Color Cuff. Spring is the perfect reason to let go of all my dark drabby greys and blacks. The more color, the better!

4. ASOS Floral Chiffon Layered Bandeau Dress. Also, what’s Spring without your florals? I love looking and feeling effortless, like I’ve unloaded a ton of Wintry bricks. Let’s just keep all that in the past.


5. Blueprint Cleanse. I’ve been telling myself to try this. I need to detox. This liquid cleanse is very tempting and I’m pretty sure once I’m done with it, I will feel loads more energetic. Seriously.

6. Spa Week Treatments. The best for last, obvi. I look forward to Spa Week every freaking season. When else will you ever get #50dollartreatments? I’ve already booked my Anti-Oxidant Head-to-Toe Exfoliation treatment at Shibumi Spa. Yes, please!



the Beauty Bean: Makeup-Free Mondays

Life-Changing Makeup Free Mondays: Models & Michelle Go Makeup Free For Beauty
By Michelle Joni Lapidos, Spa Week Daily

Not to get all dramatic, but I think #MakeupFreeMondays changed my life. Here I am, editor of Spa Week Daily, dishing beauty and skincare advice for a year and a half now, getting all types of facials and learning tips from the best estheticians in New York, and for the first time I am actually doing something so stupidly simple.

I’ve never been one to wear a ton of makeup, but bronzer has always been a beauty addiction of mine. Confidence in a powder palette. Sexiness via blush brush. Even on my tannest summer days, I’d still feel the need to put on bronzer for that extra oomph.

Well, I found one great reason not to, and it stemmed from an interview a few months back with runway models on how they get flawless skin for Fashion Week: “Avoid makeup for at least a week,” they advised. When we posted this on Facebook we asked: Would you go without makeup for a week if it meant flawless skin for a big occasion? Just about everyone said yes, and some even said that they usually don’t wear makeup anyway. (Love my readers, so au naturel!)

See the celebrities going makeup free too!

This is when I contacted Alexis about joining the #MakeupFreeMondays movement; yes because inner beauty and confidence are great, but more so because I wanted perfect skin. For me and my readers alike.

On my first Monday of the movement, I didn’t touch a speck of makeup. As I walked to work, I felt okay about the status quo but secretly hoped I wouldn’t run into any exes or Vogue editors I used to intern for. During the day of work I completely forgot I wasn’t wearing makeup. And then, walking home I couldn’t have cared less! I held my head high and felt more empowered than ever. Maybe it was psychological because that’s how you’re supposed to feel on #MakeupFreeMondays, but it’s true. I did Yoga after work, showered, washed and exfoliated my face, toned and moisturized, and went to bed.

On Tuesday my skin was radiant as a solar power plant. I couldn’t believe it! I felt great, and I couldn’t stop there. I had a #TotallyMakeuplessTuesday and #WellThenLetsJustNotWearMakeupWednesdayEither. Throughout the week I saw a significant improvement in my skin.

3 facials you can make in your fridge!

Fast forward to now. I try to do #MakeupFreeMondays every week, but I also always find myself going makeup-free right after a facial. A professional cleansing really has the power to make you feel empowered to walk with your makeupless head held high.

Three of my favorite facials in New York City are: The 24Kt Gold Facial at Spa Martier (hello GLOW), the Oxygen Facial at Perricone MD Flagship (Estella is absolutely amazing – rated in Allure’s Top 10 estheticians nationwide), and the Customized Facial with Reflexology at Shibumi Spa (spa director Soli Davis will rock you head to toe). Check out and book yourself one of the incredible $50 facials we have lined up for Spa Week!

In honor of Spa Week’s $50 Directory launching TODAY (woo!!), we’ve invited Spa Week Daily’s Editor Michelle Joni Lapidos to share her #MakeupFreeMondays tale – along with a reminder to book yourself a skin-kissing facial for Spa Week, taking place nationwide April 11-17. Get that amazing post-facial glow and you’ll wish every day was #MakeupFreeMonday!

Eat this for beauty! Shibumi Spa review

For the past few months I have been suffering from migraines and insomnia, a terrible combination. I spend lots of hours of the night trying to force myself to sleep, except when I have migraines. Those nights, I can’t wait to sleep because that’s the only time the pounding in my head is tolerable. As if that isn’t enough, we underwent an audit at work (STRESSFUL!!!). Needless to say, I was in dire need of a relaxing evening, and Shibumi Spa provided just that.

Shibumi is a hidden sanctuary, located in the lower level of Tribeca’s Eastern Athletic Club. I arrived 30 minutes early and was greeted by the owner, Soli Davis, and her assistant Sha. I was prepared to sit in the waiting area and watch the water flow down the river wall into the pond beneath it, but Soli gave me the option of spending some time in either the sauna or steam room before my appointment. I opted for the sauna and spent a good 15 minutes with my thoughts in the heat.

When I was done in the sauna, I changed into a plush robe and slippers and walked to the treatment room for the first part of my appointment – a mini facial and head to toe anti-oxidant exfoliation treatment, which Soli developed to mimic the baths her grandmother took her to when she was a child in Japan. I got beneath a Mylar wrap and Soli rubbed my body from head to toe with a cranapple-pomegranate scrub, while wearing loofah mittens. As she did the mini facial, she paid attention to the goings on with my body, pointing out that I clench my jaw. It’s true, I suffer from TMJ (jaw pain) and she gave me some tips on how to relax the area at home

I was ready to fall asleep once my scrub was done, but my spa day wasn’t over. I still had to take a shower and return to the treatment room for an hour long healing session. Soli mentioned to me that people have been known to talk to themselves in the shower after the scrub and in my head I thought, “oh boy, she’s nuts!” But, it turns out she was right.

I walked to the shower, truly feeling lighter than I had when I’d arrived, and got in and started to rinse the scrub off. My legs felt unbelievably smooth, and I heard someone say, “My body feels so good.” I took me a s second to realize the words had come from my own mouth. Soli was right! And let me just tell you, I do not have a habit of talking to myself, it was truly the affects of the body scrub. I toweled off and I took a quick glance in the bathroom mirror before going back to the treatment room. My face looked bright, not greasy as it usually does.

The second part of my treatment was the healing session – a mix of reflexology, reiki, and Shiatsu. Soli started off applying pressure to my feet and explaining which areas were related to each part of my body. Then she worked her way up to my hands. Next, she worked out the knots in my shoulders and at my neck she targeted the area related to my migraines.

After two and a half hours, I left the spa feeling more relaxed than I have in a long time. I got straight into bed when I got home and fell asleep watching TV. That night, I slept soundly for six hours, something I rarely ever do.

If you are looking for a place to get away from the hustle and bustle of every day life in New York, I would definitely recommend spending a few hours at Shibumi Spa. From the pond in the waiting area, to the sauna, to the wonderful treatments, and Soli’s extensive knowledge of healing, it’s definitely the perfect way to escape hectic city life for a few hours.

***This treatment was provided for editorial review. However, my review is completely unbiased and was in no way influenced by the complimentary service.***


VOGUE.COM–> Beauty Moment: Julia von Boehm

Julia von Boehm (photo: Emily Weiss)

“Everyone in fashion actually thinks I’m French—my style is very French,” says Julia von Boehm, the German beauty who moved to the City of Light at 18, and quickly found herself assisting Carine Roitfeld, who was styling for Tom Ford during his YSL and Gucci days. Now, a decade later, von Boehm—who followed Roitfeld to Vogue Paris, where she worked for six years—has moved to New York.

On a frosty Saturday morning in Chelsea—where she has set up house with her husband, photographer and frequent collaborator Ben Hassett, and 11-month-old daughter, Josephine—the multilingual blond stylist certainly stands out. At first glance, you’d notice the fashion (vintage white fur, YSL platforms), but look closer and you’ll find lit-from-within skin, subtly defined eyes, and the ideal undone updo. Von Boehm’s beauty philosophy is simple: “perfect imperfection,” tempered by effortless Parisian sensuality, she says. “Dark eye shadow that looks like it’s lived already, that it’s from the night before. Same for the hair—this slept-in look.”

Von Boehm maintains her enviable complexion with “tons of Dr. Hauschka Quince Day Cream under whatever makeup I’m wearing. That way my skin doesn’t become too matte; the face always has a little sheen to it.” The secret behind her artfully disheveled coiffure is “a special hairpin by Odile Gilbert, sold at Colette. It’s like an oversize bobby pin.” She sums up her Fashion Week survival strategy in just one word: “Massage!” In New York, “I have one place I go if I only have ten minutes—it’s called Oasis Nails, a little nail place near Sixth Avenue,” she says. “They have this amazing guy who is Japanese. I’ll go really quickly in between shows.” In fact, she has a preferred masseur (or two) in each of her favorite cities. Below, she opens her little black book.


Thomas Laine, house calls, 201.914.8645
Wakako Ogawa, Shibumi Spa, 80 Leonard Street, 212.343.8788
Oasis Nails, 101 West 24th Street, 212.255.6880

Angel Orozco,
Body Sense,
2292 Coral Way, 305.793.3744 or

Fernando Garbini, house calls, 011-44(0)7905419522 or

Ban Sabai Thai massage, 12 rue de Lesdeguieres, 011-33(0)142713710

For more on Julia’s routine, check out her “Top Shelf” on

Emily Weiss is the editor of Into The Gloss.

February 07, 2011 12:48 p.m.

Spa Week Daily: LoveLife 2011 Party Recap

Party hosts sharing tips on love, life, and loving life

Loving life! On Tuesday night, Spa Week Daily co-hosted LoveLife 2011, a celebration of love and life at Shibumi Spa in NYC. With red rose petals and white tea candles scattered around the bridge and water in the middle of Shibumi, my co-hosts Andrea Syrtash (dating and relationship expert and author) and Soli Davis (God-sent owner of Shibumi spa) and I (dressed a sort of like a cupcake) welcomed an intimate group of media to our little 2-hour haven of happiness.

Shibumi Spa's Wakako gives a guest a complimentary massage

Guests indulged in massages and facials with luxurious Bionova products, wines by HobNob (a modern, refreshingly uncomplicated twist on wine), mini Beet Velvet Cupcakes by Sugar Flower Cake Shop and addictive Alley-O organic, homemade Cookies. With live music by Nicholas Megalis and some really great people in attendance, the spa was buzzing with ooohs, aaahs, and simply amazing energy.

First of all, I have to hand it to Andrea—before the event started, her iPhone went missing. Did she panic and let it ruin the night? Nope–she resolved to stay calm and positive, and karma got her back by delivering it to her under a piece of obscure furniture afterwards. What a relief, and good lesson learned.

My other co-host Soli Davis, the owner of Shibumi Spa, usually for some reason materializes in my head as an angel in white chiffon. And last night, it happened for real. In purple velour. Her Shibumi staff pampered each and every guest with gusto and grace, leaving shoulders at ease and faces aglow.

Bionova, one of the top lines in professional spa skin care, so generously donated their products to the gift bags, customized by skin type – we asked if everyone was dry or oily in advance! There were also Sexual Perfumes (#sexy), a copy of Andrea’s book He’s Just Not Your Type (And That’s A Good Thing), Sleep Scentsations scented pillow liners, a gift card to Shibumi Spa and a 1-month gym membership to the Eastern Athletic Club, which in total ended up being worth about $700 each!

A sincere thank you to everyone who came! To name a few: Katy Lindenmuth and Anne Davies from Cosmopolitan, Courtney Rubin from Self, Elisa Benson from Seventeen, Emmy Parsons and Kristin Boehm from People, Jonathan Siskin from Organic Spa Magazine, Ellianna Placas from Essence, Virginia VanZanten from W, Dawn Perry from Real Simple, Patty Hughes from SOHO Design Magazine, Andrea Wytish from Parade, Bryce Gruber and Ashley Brady from The Luxury Spot, Kimmie Smith from KittenLounge, Sarah Conley from StyleIt Online, Matt Wilkerson from AHAlife, Andrea Uku from Beauty High, Wendy Lam from Nitro:licious, Annika Harris from The Frisky, Valerie Berrios of Daily Glow, Celebrity Stylist Lauren Rae Levy and Kelly Tomashoff of Bravo’s NYC Prep.

You can read Michelle Joni Lapidos’ original blog entry here: