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Soli Davis Biography

Soli Davis Biography

Soli Nichiyo DavisSoli Davis is the Director of Shibumi Spa at Eastern Athletic’s Tribeca location which is spread over a beautiful expanse of 2,000 square feet. With over thirty years experience in the cosmetics industry Soli has worked as an Aesthetician, Make-up artist and Healer. After years of simultaneously working in these careers Soli channeled her knowledge and abilities to dedicate the past fifteen years to consulting and creating protocols for brands such as Helena Rubinstein Spa, Maximus in Soho, Dr.Brandt, Biotherm, Yves Saint Laurent, Sponge, Shiseido, and Kiehl’s before becoming the director of Shibumi Spa.

Born to a family of healers with a diverse cultural background, Soli’s Japanese, African American and Native American heritage has been a great influence in her work. By incorporating the alternative and ancient modalities learned through her family and 20 years of additional study, Soli has developed the exclusive holistic treatments featured on the Shibumi Spa Menu.

At age fifteen Soli began her career in the industry working as a make-up artist for brands such as Fashion Fair, Estee Lauder, Diane Von Furstenberg, Prescriptives, and Madeline Mono in the late Seventies when cosmetics was really taking off. It was then that she came to work with some of the industry’s Master Make-up Artists such as Reggie Wells, Way Bandy and Arthur Baker who taught her to create her own foundations and base.

Inspired by this creativity and her knowledge of ancient healing treatments of reflexology, Shiatsu and Tibetan Ayurvedic Marma Points, Soli developed a holistic view of beauty. While working for Shiseido at the age of nineteen she began integrating her healing work into facials and creating treatments that approached the skin from the inside out. By increasing circulation, balancing energy and lymphatic drainage Soli created treatments that best facilitated the absorption of product and worked with the body to restore skin to its optimum level.

As Director of Shibumi Spa, Soli has built an amazing team of dedicated and passionate individuals that share her vision. Soli explains, “I strive to create treatments that allow us to collaborate with our clients; listening, educating and empowering them to be the best of themselves. Whether it’s small tips for TMJ, education on product and skin functions, suggesting a class in the gym as a stress reducer, or maybe the silence that they need to get through their day; my team of amazing therapists and myself work from the heart to bring the best of our extensive knowledge and education to help clients be and feel amazing.”

“Shibumi Spa is a vision shared by Eastern Athletic and my incredible staff; they understand the wholeness of people and their search for health and relaxation. My clients come to me for many reasons and I offer a free guest membership for the day with treatments because I want to support their being able to de-stress, whether they’re taking a class, working out or just using the steam room or sauna. To be able to offer the ability for them to take some time just for themselves and restore and rejuvenate; feeling better, looking better, and to enjoy the sanctuary that I and so many others have worked hard to create.”