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Fall is a time of change and transition

As the leaves fall and season’s issue in the end of summer and the beginning of a new season. I have left Shibumi Spa and am now working privately in a new and intimate setting .

I continue to create and perform treatments that help you to feel and present the best of yourself from the inside out.  The menu remains the same – only the location has changed.  To contact me for scheduling just call me on my cell: 646-334-1017 or email me at and put a note in the subject line!

I look forward to helping you put your best foot forward during this and any of your transitions and to have you experience a treatment that leaves you glowing from the inside out!


So this is the time when babies of all sorts are born, the flowers and trees are a bloom and we shed the layers of clothing from winter! Well, we would if it ever stopped raining.. LOL.
All of this rain has caused allergies a plenty and somehow the stress of this past winter has not abated either… what to do!

Allergies are caused by several things, pollen, dander, etc. – these are the external causes.
The internal causes are a lowered immune system, your body can no longer hold off a reaction to these external causes and it’s your first alert system that you are open to a cold, flu or general malaise. Stress and a stressed system play a big part in it, stress breaks down your system making it harder for all systems to stay healthy and robbing you of much needed energy and optimal health.
Unfortunately, stress is a part of modern life- we may not be able to get rid of it but we can gather tools to help us cope with it better and live a healthier and more joyful life!

Come in for a treatment, we use all of these points and many others in our facials or for more direct work in a Healing or Reflexology Session.
The Facial with Reflexology which is one of our featured specials for June is full of wonderful points that leave you not only glowing with health ( reflexology is perfect for increasing circulation in a non-invasive way and great for helping with all sorts of issues!) Don’t forget that Father’s Day is coming up and that you can use the gym to work out, take a class or relax in the sauna or spa for the day of your scheduled treatment. Please take advantage of all we have to offer and give yourself a mini-vacation in the city!

Here are a few of my tips:
There are many acupressure points, lymphatic drainage points and reflexology points that all help with allergies. This is the reason I use them in my facial protocols and body treatments- the mission of Shibumi Spa is to bring you treatments that not only feel good but help you leave healthier! Reflexology is one of my favorite modalities and the core of my healing session- clients leave feeling like they are floating and all are astounded by the fact that they can breathe better, sleep better and generally feel restored an relaxed.
If you can’t come in for a session, here are some points that I use in the treatments and do every morning during allergy season or when I’m feeling stressed.

Sinuses and allergies:
The occipital ridge- the base of your skull in the back of your head; is a treasure trove of trigger release points. They release so many areas and help de-stress your body!
In bed- First thing in the morning

As I lie in bed, the first thing I do is put my thumbs in my occipital ridge with my hands stretched out towards the top of my skull. I inhale and exhale through my nose and apply pressure along the ridge… the points that hurt are those that need loving attention. Then I work on my crown chakra- the tender indentation on the top of your head is a major sinus release point.
On your face, there are several as well- under and above your brow bone; press and breath.
Under your cheek bones; from your nose out to your upper jaw and there are two more right in the middle of your cheek area, directly under the middle of your eye.
There are lovely techniques in Hand reflexology as well and on your toes, called milking the digits, which help with drainage.

We hope to see you soon and please look at the blog for more tips in the month of December and January, those tips for your jaw point , help greatly to release stress as well!

Lady and the blog

May 5, 2011 By Tabitha

Recently, I visited Shibumi for a complimentary treatment. Shibumi Spa is located at the Eastern Athletic Club, which is at 80 Leonard Street, in New York. Director Soli Davis talked with me about her upbringing with a family of healers. She talked about learning reflexology and other techniques that contribute to making her practice unique.

I decided to try the Anti-Oxidant Exfoliation from Head to Toe and 60-minute Healing Session. The healing session incorporates a number of massage techniques used to relieve stress at pressure points. The treatment began with an exfoliation. I was scrubbed from head to toe with a sugar scrub, then covered with a foil-like covering, known as a Mylar wrap, to allow the ingredients to properly absorb into my skin. I, then, took a quick shower to wash off the scrub. My skin felt incredibly soft afterwards. Soli then did the healing session and focused on the points on my body where I hold the most stress. For me, that would be my back and shoulders. They were full of knots. Soli worked on them for a full hour.

Spending two hours at the spa felt like a rare indulgence for me. Its the perfect Friday afternoon session, to unwind after an intense work week. Its also perfect as a gift for Mother’s Day. No mother would turn down a massage.

To check out their spa menu, go to

HIP Magazine: Treat Your Body Goood!

The great thing about Spa Week is getting to experience new ways to revive and renew your body at an affordable price. The great thing about reading HIP is that you get a heads up on which ones to make sure you go out and enjoy before it’s too late.

Imagine the scent of cranapple, pomegranate sugar scrub then imagine the luxurious feel of it warming to your body as you are wrapped in mylar. As the delicious scent invades you, the softness and warmth of the scrub leaves you languid. That is what Shibumi Spa ‘s Anti-Oxidant Head-to-Toe Exfoliation is like. The mylar blanket’s heat allows the scrub to penetrate and soften your skin as capable hands gently knead your feet and arms. Your face will be cleansed in gentle strokes then treated with an anti-oxidant mask. This 45-minute treatment gets rid of dead skin and allows better absorption of moisture while combating acne and dry skin. My face glowed and acne spots were less visible. Never has my skin felt this clean. Try it and your skin will be so soft you’ll want to compliment it out loud!

If that wasn’t enough to convince you to take time to rest and give your body a treat, maybe an Abhayanga massage from Fine Living New York Ayurveda will do the trick. The Ayurvedic experts follow the 5,000 year-old ancient method that takes into account your body, skin type and state-of-mind to give you customized treatments. Using generous amount of strokes and oils (the house has its own brand), the Abhayanga massage manipulates the marmas (energy points that are junctions of the body and mind) to help us find balance and stay grounded. Simply put, this Indian treatment removes fatigue and stress, promotes energy and moisturizes the body. My arthiritis-striken legs were stiff and aching when I got to FLNY Ayurveda, but I left with looser limbs after just one 50-minute massage. This massage has just enough pressure to untighten the kinks without pummeling the body. If you doubt a massage can be both effective and soothing, you haven’t had an Abhayanga massage.

Spa Week specials are just $50 each so go treat your body good now. Everyone needs at least an hour a week to heal and pamper themselves and if you usually go without then consider it a challenge to make an appointment and head over to one of these spas now. Trust me: your body will thank you later.

- S.M.

HIP Magazine

AsianceMagazine: Just had most amazing facial and massage

Hey ladies,
Spa Week starts next week! I just received the most amazing Anti-Oxidant Exfoliation, Head-to-Toe massage and a Facial with Reflexology, Head-to-Toe courtesy of Shibumi Spa on 80 Leonard Street in Manhattan.

It’s important to take care of yourself and I recommend getting a facial and massage once a month to help maintain your body. Busy ladies need to pamper themselves! Don’t forget, no matter how caught up you get in your work!

Here is what Shibumi is offering for Spa Week:
1. Anti-Oxidant Head to Toe Exfoliation- A luscious 45-minute treatment that restores and replenishes, a luxurious cleanse, super gentle marine enzyme peel and a body exfoliation of Pomegranate,Cranapple Sugar Scrub- wrapped in Mylar while your face is being rid of all of the season’s dead skin. This leaves you super soft, incredibly hydrated and glowing from head to toe.
Originally $ 85 – Spa Week $50

2. Glycolic Facial Special- A super effective and relaxing 45-minute facial, that smoothes over fine lines and gets rid of the season’s residue.
A special cleanse, massage and super gentle peel- help you glow from the inside out, special elements of shiatsu and reflexology take you away on this mini-vacation that brings you back looking and feeling your very best. No extractions, but the gentle glycolic gets rid of the blackheads and other debris, leaving you glowing and ready to roll during your lunch hour!
New Addition $ 90.00 – Spa Week $50

3. Massage – this 45-minute massage will ensure that you are restored from the inside out! A special offering created just for you. A customized treatment, using multiple modalities- dealing with aches and pains or simple relaxation. You’ll float out of the door looking and feeling well-rested.
Spa Week exclusive $50

***these offers can only be purchased once per client***

Jaymie’s blog

Please join Shibumi Spa at the NIHON FUNDRAISER for JAPAN on 4.11.11

For more information about the organizer of this event, visit this page:

Beauty By Benz Spa Week Suggestion: Shibumi Spa

Apr 8, 2011
With Spa Week just around the corner I’ve done a fair amount of research (I promise it’s ALL for you and I’m getting very little out of all these amazing massages. Cross my heart) about salons and spas for you to check out for your $50 treatments. But ever the procrastinator, I had an appointment at Shibumi Spa last night for an Antioxidant Head-To-Toe Exfoliation, followed by some reflexology. The Antioxidant Exfoliation is one of the $50 Spa Week specials that Shibumi Spa is offering, which regularly goes for $85. For 45 minutes I felt truly pampered while I was scrubbed down with a pomegranite and cranapple sugar scrub, followed by a marine enzyme facial peel. Don’t be scared by those at all, they are both super gentle and nourishing for the skin, and I didn’t have any irritation or tingling on my skin. I just felt the wonders of having soft skin while being able to relax. I’d definitely recommend having this treatment done for Spa Week.

On a more personal note, I also signed up for the reflexology, which I’d never done before. I was a little scared, but when I learned that the owner of the spa, Soli Davis, would be doing my treatment I relaxed a little bit. I mean, obviously the owner knows what she’s doing, eh? Well I was shocked at how intuitive she was even before she had me in the room with just a towel on. A former dance teacher with a bum knee, having issues with stress and a post-nasal drip (friggin weather!) could look like a perfectly normal person when they walk in to your spa, but someone with the extensive training that Soli has can pinpoint these things right away. And she did. The reflexology was effective, and Soli was extremely informative. There’s no hidden agenda here to get you to go back to her every second, she really cares about teaching you tricks to use at home so that you can release tension and become your best self.
For more information on Soli Davis and Shibumi Spa, please visit their website. But to book your $50 Antioxidant Head-To-Toe Exfoliation, head over the Spa Week website now!

SPA WEEK BLOG: SCRUBS (not the TV show)

Post by Breanna Crowley, Spa Week’s Associate Director of Operations

So yes, I work for Spa Week, and no, I do not go to the spa all the time. In fact, I probably get there less than you do. I’ve had the basic facials, massages, waxings and microdermabrasions before, but for this time around, I wanted to try something new.

I don’t know about you, but between the hard water and the heat in my apartment always blasting, telling you that my skin got dry over the winter months is like telling you that Charlie Sheen is slightly egotistical. After speaking on a personal with my client Soli Davis, who is the Director at Shibumi Spa at the Eastern Athletic Club in Tribeca in NYC, on a more personal level, it became apparent that I was in need of body scrub. Now I just had to find the time to sneak over there to let her work her magic! (Read Michelle’s account of Soli’s magic too. And this one. Soli works a lot of magic.)

The service I received was the 45 Min Anti-Oxidant Head to Toe Exfoliation with Marine Enzyme Peel and Body Exfoliation of Pomegranate and Cran-apple Sugar Scrub (and yes, Shibumi is offering this for only $50 during Spa Week so you can indulge and repair your skin as well).

Let’s talk a little about the treatment. Simply put: it was AMAZING. Really, I wasn’t expecting it to be a full head-to-toe experience, but it was. This top to bottom exfoliation has a cranapple-pomegranate sugar scrub for the body, then you are wrapped in a Mylar blanket for deep hydrating penetration; the face is cleansed, followed by a papaya enzyme exfoliation with an anti-oxidant mask. After the scrub was over, I hopped in the shower and have never felt skin so soft in my life.

The next best part is the “Shibumi Experience.” After your service, you have the opportunity to work out, take a class, lounge in the steam and sauna or chill out in the spa lounge and listen to the waterfall.

If you are looking to revive your skin and put your best foot forward this spring, I suggest you call Shibumi now to book your appointment. But hurry, services as good as this book up fast, even if they are extending their Spa Week (shhh….)! 212.343.8788

Read more here: Spa Week Blog Spring Cleaning Beyond Your Closet…

It’s unbelievable that it is April here in NYC and it’s still snowing. Springtime fever couldn’t come any faster! Regardless of the temperature outside, I still need to clear out the Winter junk so I can frolick under the sun. I need to do this more than anything in the world, since I’ve actually stopped having time to organize during the last month of crazy projects.

Here’s some ways to deep clean your home, body and wardrobe for you and me to start a brand spanking new Spring chapter.


1. Febreze Flameless Luminary. I have an obsession with these flameless candles. They smell extra good and won’t burn down your house — you know, in case you “accidentally” forgot it was on.

2. BedbugLogic. Since the bed bugs hit the news, I don’t think I will be too safe by protecting my sheets and clothes from these nasty critters. A few sprays ensures you won’t be eaten alive. .


3. Katch Eternal Color Cuff. Spring is the perfect reason to let go of all my dark drabby greys and blacks. The more color, the better!

4. ASOS Floral Chiffon Layered Bandeau Dress. Also, what’s Spring without your florals? I love looking and feeling effortless, like I’ve unloaded a ton of Wintry bricks. Let’s just keep all that in the past.


5. Blueprint Cleanse. I’ve been telling myself to try this. I need to detox. This liquid cleanse is very tempting and I’m pretty sure once I’m done with it, I will feel loads more energetic. Seriously.

6. Spa Week Treatments. The best for last, obvi. I look forward to Spa Week every freaking season. When else will you ever get #50dollartreatments? I’ve already booked my Anti-Oxidant Head-to-Toe Exfoliation treatment at Shibumi Spa. Yes, please!




We get asked questions about the Bionova Skincare we use in our treatments daily. One of the most frequently asked questions is: “Do Bionova products contain SPF?“. The answer is “NO” and here is why:


When chemist, Franz Greiter developed the first effective sunscreen in 1938 he could not imagine the importance of his discovery. Since the advent of modern sunscreens, a sunscreen’s efficacy has been measured by its sun protection factor, or SPF. SPF is not an amount of protection per se. Rather, it indicates how long it will take for UVB rays to redden skin when using a sunscreen, compared to how long skin would take to redden without the product.


As of today it is hard to find a face/ eye cream, foundations, concealer, or even make-up without the SPF factor. The SPF factor creates a “plastic bag” effect that suffocates the skin and interfiers with the skin healthy functioning contributing to premature aging. There are times when SPF can be used though the recent scientific studies revealed some important facts of products with SPF: The Skin Cancer Foundation informs a consumer that up to date, no criteria exist in the U.S. for measuring and labeling the amount of UVA defense a sunscreen provides.

Most of products with the SPF index measure protection against only ultraviolet radiation B, which causes burning, while doesn’t measure protection against ultraviolet radiation A, UVA, which contributes to skin cancer and causes aging of the skin. Adit Ginde, an assistant professor at the University of Colorado Denver School of Medicine linked vitamin D deficiency to catching more colds. He blames increasing use of sunscreens and long sleeves following skin cancer-prevention campaigns. Using a sunscreen with as little as a 15-factor protection cuts the skin’s vitamin D production by 99% the study notes, and there are only few sources of the vitamin in our diets.

BIONOVA products have no SPF but work with the body to enhance body’s natural protective ability from Sun Radiation and Sun Burn.

BIONOVA scientists recognize multiple substances in our body, which protect us from the Sun radiation and burn including: amino acids, non-aromatic and aromatic nucleic acids, long chain unsaturated fatty acids and naturally existing body pigments, like melanin.By imitating these naturally existing in a Human Body substances, BIONOVA created a specific UV Chromophores Nano-Complex (UV Protectant), which enhances body’s natural ability against the Sun harmful radiation.

Hats, clothing and shade are still the most reliable sun protection available, especially from 11am to 3pm. The Human Body needs Sun’s UV wavelengths in the balanced amount but in an appropriate time of the day.

BIONOVA’s UV Chromophores Nano-Complex is available in N1 Custom and Sport lines. The Tennis Sun & Wind Protection for Face and Body products apply to all outdoor activities as well. Beyond creams with either SPF or UV Chromophores, it is important to remember that the key to well being is in moderation and balance.BIONOVA is currently available at Barneys New York, Shibumi Spa NY and through and