Balance, Education and Relaxation

Body Treatments

Full Body Wrap

Anti-Oxidant Exfoliation, Head-to-toe
A perfect pre-cursor to a healing session or massage: this head-to-toe exfoliation has a cranapple-pomegranate sugar scrub for the body, then you are wrapped in a Mylar blanket for deep hydrating penetration; the face is cleansed, followed by a papaya enzyme exfoliation with an anti-oxidant mask. Then you shower in the locker room, take a sauna or steam if desired (time must be booked, so decide before booking your services), and return for your other services or just saunter out with brand new skin! It’s the perfect way to get rid of old/dead skin for tanning or just to be baby soft and smooth; dead skin absorbs up to ten times its Lose Weight Exercise in moisture. Perfect for those whose skin is always dry or with issues of acne on the body.
45 minutes $85

Healing Session
A Custom combination of Reflexology, Shiatsu, and Reiki, this treatment is on the feet, hands, neck, shoulders/back, and head. By using multiple modalities, we can gently unravel tension, increase circulation, and release pressure. Please let us know about any injuries or physical ailments that would be the focus of the treatment or if the focus is relaxation and balance.
60 minutes $115
90 minutes $160

Shiatsu/Deep Tissue
60 minutes $115
90 minutes $160

Reflexology Add-on
This treatment triggers your reflexes in the rest of your body, increasing circulation, unraveling the tension and leaving you feeling relaxed and rested. You get to choose one area of attention for this 30-minute treat: feet, hands, or face, head, and ears. For those who are a bit shy or don’t have the time, this clothed form of release is a wonderful addition to a facial treatment.
30 minutes $70


Anti-Oxidant Exfoliation, Head to Toe & 60-minute Healing Session or Massage
This begins with a head-to-toe exfoliation, a facial cleansing, gentle marine enzyme peel and anti-oxidant mask on the face, neck and decollete, and an amazing cranapple-pomegranate sugar scrub with loofah mitts in a Mylar wrap, with a tease of hand and foot reflexology. This leaves you baby soft and super hydrated! A quick shower and on to your 60-minute healing session or massage. You’ll glow from head-to-toe and feel completely rejuvenated, balanced, and restored. the perfect gift for yourself or someone else!

2 hours (time for showering included)
$170.00 for Guests
$150.00 for Members

Bionova Custom Facial and 60-minute Healing Session or Massage
Start with a 60-minute Bionova Custom Facial using the revolutionary hyper-natural Bionova Spa Products. You will receive a deep cleansing, facial, neck and shoulder massage; complete with extractions (if needed), a Bionova Mask for your skin type while having hand reflexology. Bionova’s products only contain the natural ingredients in your skin cells, making sure that there’s no negative reaction and helping to heal and correct from your skin cells to your skin’s surface. These Professional Spa Products are the only ones we retail and have the amazing ability to correct and restore your skin from the inside out!

The results are amazing, and your 60-minute healing session will ensure that the rest of you is restored from the inside out as well! You’ll float out of the door looking and feeling well-rested and glowing with a healthy radiance. For those of you who prefer a Classic Massage, that is available as well–just make sure to request one or the other when booking your appointment.

2 hours
$187.00 for guests
$167.00 for members