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So this is the time when babies of all sorts are born, the flowers and trees are a bloom and we shed the layers of clothing from winter! Well, we would if it ever stopped raining.. LOL.
All of this rain has caused allergies a plenty and somehow the stress of this past winter has not abated either… what to do!

Allergies are caused by several things, pollen, dander, etc. – these are the external causes.
The internal causes are a lowered immune system, your body can no longer hold off a reaction to these external causes and it’s your first alert system that you are open to a cold, flu or general malaise. Stress and a stressed system play a big part in it, stress breaks down your system making it harder for all systems to stay healthy and robbing you of much needed energy and optimal health.
Unfortunately, stress is a part of modern life- we may not be able to get rid of it but we can gather tools to help us cope with it better and live a healthier and more joyful life!

Come in for a treatment, we use all of these points and many others in our facials or for more direct work in a Healing or Reflexology Session.
The Facial with Reflexology which is one of our featured specials for June is full of wonderful points that leave you not only glowing with health ( reflexology is perfect for increasing circulation in a non-invasive way and great for helping with all sorts of issues!) Don’t forget that Father’s Day is coming up and that you can use the gym to work out, take a class or relax in the sauna or spa for the day of your scheduled treatment. Please take advantage of all we have to offer and give yourself a mini-vacation in the city!

Here are a few of my tips:
There are many acupressure points, lymphatic drainage points and reflexology points that all help with allergies. This is the reason I use them in my facial protocols and body treatments- the mission of Shibumi Spa is to bring you treatments that not only feel good but help you leave healthier! Reflexology is one of my favorite modalities and the core of my healing session- clients leave feeling like they are floating and all are astounded by the fact that they can breathe better, sleep better and generally feel restored an relaxed.
If you can’t come in for a session, here are some points that I use in the treatments and do every morning during allergy season or when I’m feeling stressed.

Sinuses and allergies:
The occipital ridge- the base of your skull in the back of your head; is a treasure trove of trigger release points. They release so many areas and help de-stress your body!
In bed- First thing in the morning

As I lie in bed, the first thing I do is put my thumbs in my occipital ridge with my hands stretched out towards the top of my skull. I inhale and exhale through my nose and apply pressure along the ridge… the points that hurt are those that need loving attention. Then I work on my crown chakra- the tender indentation on the top of your head is a major sinus release point.
On your face, there are several as well- under and above your brow bone; press and breath.
Under your cheek bones; from your nose out to your upper jaw and there are two more right in the middle of your cheek area, directly under the middle of your eye.
There are lovely techniques in Hand reflexology as well and on your toes, called milking the digits, which help with drainage.

We hope to see you soon and please look at the blog for more tips in the month of December and January, those tips for your jaw point , help greatly to release stress as well!

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