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May 5, 2011 By Tabitha

Recently, I visited Shibumi for a complimentary treatment. Shibumi Spa is located at the Eastern Athletic Club, which is at 80 Leonard Street, in New York. Director Soli Davis talked with me about her upbringing with a family of healers. She talked about learning reflexology and other techniques that contribute to making her practice unique.

I decided to try the Anti-Oxidant Exfoliation from Head to Toe and 60-minute Healing Session. The healing session incorporates a number of massage techniques used to relieve stress at pressure points. The treatment began with an exfoliation. I was scrubbed from head to toe with a sugar scrub, then covered with a foil-like covering, known as a Mylar wrap, to allow the ingredients to properly absorb into my skin. I, then, took a quick shower to wash off the scrub. My skin felt incredibly soft afterwards. Soli then did the healing session and focused on the points on my body where I hold the most stress. For me, that would be my back and shoulders. They were full of knots. Soli worked on them for a full hour.

Spending two hours at the spa felt like a rare indulgence for me. Its the perfect Friday afternoon session, to unwind after an intense work week. Its also perfect as a gift for Mother’s Day. No mother would turn down a massage.

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