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HIP Magazine: Treat Your Body Goood!

The great thing about Spa Week is getting to experience new ways to revive and renew your body at an affordable price. The great thing about reading HIP is that you get a heads up on which ones to make sure you go out and enjoy before it’s too late.

Imagine the scent of cranapple, pomegranate sugar scrub then imagine the luxurious feel of it warming to your body as you are wrapped in mylar. As the delicious scent invades you, the softness and warmth of the scrub leaves you languid. That is what Shibumi Spa ‘s Anti-Oxidant Head-to-Toe Exfoliation is like. The mylar blanket’s heat allows the scrub to penetrate and soften your skin as capable hands gently knead your feet and arms. Your face will be cleansed in gentle strokes then treated with an anti-oxidant mask. This 45-minute treatment gets rid of dead skin and allows better absorption of moisture while combating acne and dry skin. My face glowed and acne spots were less visible. Never has my skin felt this clean. Try it and your skin will be so soft you’ll want to compliment it out loud!

If that wasn’t enough to convince you to take time to rest and give your body a treat, maybe an Abhayanga massage from Fine Living New York Ayurveda will do the trick. The Ayurvedic experts follow the 5,000 year-old ancient method that takes into account your body, skin type and state-of-mind to give you customized treatments. Using generous amount of strokes and oils (the house has its own brand), the Abhayanga massage manipulates the marmas (energy points that are junctions of the body and mind) to help us find balance and stay grounded. Simply put, this Indian treatment removes fatigue and stress, promotes energy and moisturizes the body. My arthiritis-striken legs were stiff and aching when I got to FLNY Ayurveda, but I left with looser limbs after just one 50-minute massage. This massage has just enough pressure to untighten the kinks without pummeling the body. If you doubt a massage can be both effective and soothing, you haven’t had an Abhayanga massage.

Spa Week specials are just $50 each so go treat your body good now. Everyone needs at least an hour a week to heal and pamper themselves and if you usually go without then consider it a challenge to make an appointment and head over to one of these spas now. Trust me: your body will thank you later.

- S.M.

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