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AsianceMagazine: Just had most amazing facial and massage

Hey ladies,
Spa Week starts next week! I just received the most amazing Anti-Oxidant Exfoliation, Head-to-Toe massage and a Facial with Reflexology, Head-to-Toe courtesy of Shibumi Spa on 80 Leonard Street in Manhattan.

It’s important to take care of yourself and I recommend getting a facial and massage once a month to help maintain your body. Busy ladies need to pamper themselves! Don’t forget, no matter how caught up you get in your work!

Here is what Shibumi is offering for Spa Week:
1. Anti-Oxidant Head to Toe Exfoliation- A luscious 45-minute treatment that restores and replenishes, a luxurious cleanse, super gentle marine enzyme peel and a body exfoliation of Pomegranate,Cranapple Sugar Scrub- wrapped in Mylar while your face is being rid of all of the season’s dead skin. This leaves you super soft, incredibly hydrated and glowing from head to toe.
Originally $ 85 – Spa Week $50

2. Glycolic Facial Special- A super effective and relaxing 45-minute facial, that smoothes over fine lines and gets rid of the season’s residue.
A special cleanse, massage and super gentle peel- help you glow from the inside out, special elements of shiatsu and reflexology take you away on this mini-vacation that brings you back looking and feeling your very best. No extractions, but the gentle glycolic gets rid of the blackheads and other debris, leaving you glowing and ready to roll during your lunch hour!
New Addition $ 90.00 – Spa Week $50

3. Massage – this 45-minute massage will ensure that you are restored from the inside out! A special offering created just for you. A customized treatment, using multiple modalities- dealing with aches and pains or simple relaxation. You’ll float out of the door looking and feeling well-rested.
Spa Week exclusive $50

***these offers can only be purchased once per client***

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