Balance, Education and Relaxation Spring Cleaning Beyond Your Closet…

It’s unbelievable that it is April here in NYC and it’s still snowing. Springtime fever couldn’t come any faster! Regardless of the temperature outside, I still need to clear out the Winter junk so I can frolick under the sun. I need to do this more than anything in the world, since I’ve actually stopped having time to organize during the last month of crazy projects.

Here’s some ways to deep clean your home, body and wardrobe for you and me to start a brand spanking new Spring chapter.


1. Febreze Flameless Luminary. I have an obsession with these flameless candles. They smell extra good and won’t burn down your house — you know, in case you “accidentally” forgot it was on.

2. BedbugLogic. Since the bed bugs hit the news, I don’t think I will be too safe by protecting my sheets and clothes from these nasty critters. A few sprays ensures you won’t be eaten alive. .


3. Katch Eternal Color Cuff. Spring is the perfect reason to let go of all my dark drabby greys and blacks. The more color, the better!

4. ASOS Floral Chiffon Layered Bandeau Dress. Also, what’s Spring without your florals? I love looking and feeling effortless, like I’ve unloaded a ton of Wintry bricks. Let’s just keep all that in the past.


5. Blueprint Cleanse. I’ve been telling myself to try this. I need to detox. This liquid cleanse is very tempting and I’m pretty sure once I’m done with it, I will feel loads more energetic. Seriously.

6. Spa Week Treatments. The best for last, obvi. I look forward to Spa Week every freaking season. When else will you ever get #50dollartreatments? I’ve already booked my Anti-Oxidant Head-to-Toe Exfoliation treatment at Shibumi Spa. Yes, please!



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