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SPA WEEK BLOG: SCRUBS (not the TV show)

Post by Breanna Crowley, Spa Week’s Associate Director of Operations

So yes, I work for Spa Week, and no, I do not go to the spa all the time. In fact, I probably get there less than you do. I’ve had the basic facials, massages, waxings and microdermabrasions before, but for this time around, I wanted to try something new.

I don’t know about you, but between the hard water and the heat in my apartment always blasting, telling you that my skin got dry over the winter months is like telling you that Charlie Sheen is slightly egotistical. After speaking on a personal with my client Soli Davis, who is the Director at Shibumi Spa at the Eastern Athletic Club in Tribeca in NYC, on a more personal level, it became apparent that I was in need of body scrub. Now I just had to find the time to sneak over there to let her work her magic! (Read Michelle’s account of Soli’s magic too. And this one. Soli works a lot of magic.)

The service I received was the 45 Min Anti-Oxidant Head to Toe Exfoliation with Marine Enzyme Peel and Body Exfoliation of Pomegranate and Cran-apple Sugar Scrub (and yes, Shibumi is offering this for only $50 during Spa Week so you can indulge and repair your skin as well).

Let’s talk a little about the treatment. Simply put: it was AMAZING. Really, I wasn’t expecting it to be a full head-to-toe experience, but it was. This top to bottom exfoliation has a cranapple-pomegranate sugar scrub for the body, then you are wrapped in a Mylar blanket for deep hydrating penetration; the face is cleansed, followed by a papaya enzyme exfoliation with an anti-oxidant mask. After the scrub was over, I hopped in the shower and have never felt skin so soft in my life.

The next best part is the “Shibumi Experience.” After your service, you have the opportunity to work out, take a class, lounge in the steam and sauna or chill out in the spa lounge and listen to the waterfall.

If you are looking to revive your skin and put your best foot forward this spring, I suggest you call Shibumi now to book your appointment. But hurry, services as good as this book up fast, even if they are extending their Spa Week (shhh….)! 212.343.8788

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