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the Beauty Bean: Makeup-Free Mondays

Life-Changing Makeup Free Mondays: Models & Michelle Go Makeup Free For Beauty
By Michelle Joni Lapidos, Spa Week Daily

Not to get all dramatic, but I think #MakeupFreeMondays changed my life. Here I am, editor of Spa Week Daily, dishing beauty and skincare advice for a year and a half now, getting all types of facials and learning tips from the best estheticians in New York, and for the first time I am actually doing something so stupidly simple.

I’ve never been one to wear a ton of makeup, but bronzer has always been a beauty addiction of mine. Confidence in a powder palette. Sexiness via blush brush. Even on my tannest summer days, I’d still feel the need to put on bronzer for that extra oomph.

Well, I found one great reason not to, and it stemmed from an interview a few months back with runway models on how they get flawless skin for Fashion Week: “Avoid makeup for at least a week,” they advised. When we posted this on Facebook we asked: Would you go without makeup for a week if it meant flawless skin for a big occasion? Just about everyone said yes, and some even said that they usually don’t wear makeup anyway. (Love my readers, so au naturel!)

See the celebrities going makeup free too!

This is when I contacted Alexis about joining the #MakeupFreeMondays movement; yes because inner beauty and confidence are great, but more so because I wanted perfect skin. For me and my readers alike.

On my first Monday of the movement, I didn’t touch a speck of makeup. As I walked to work, I felt okay about the status quo but secretly hoped I wouldn’t run into any exes or Vogue editors I used to intern for. During the day of work I completely forgot I wasn’t wearing makeup. And then, walking home I couldn’t have cared less! I held my head high and felt more empowered than ever. Maybe it was psychological because that’s how you’re supposed to feel on #MakeupFreeMondays, but it’s true. I did Yoga after work, showered, washed and exfoliated my face, toned and moisturized, and went to bed.

On Tuesday my skin was radiant as a solar power plant. I couldn’t believe it! I felt great, and I couldn’t stop there. I had a #TotallyMakeuplessTuesday and #WellThenLetsJustNotWearMakeupWednesdayEither. Throughout the week I saw a significant improvement in my skin.

3 facials you can make in your fridge!

Fast forward to now. I try to do #MakeupFreeMondays every week, but I also always find myself going makeup-free right after a facial. A professional cleansing really has the power to make you feel empowered to walk with your makeupless head held high.

Three of my favorite facials in New York City are: The 24Kt Gold Facial at Spa Martier (hello GLOW), the Oxygen Facial at Perricone MD Flagship (Estella is absolutely amazing – rated in Allure’s Top 10 estheticians nationwide), and the Customized Facial with Reflexology at Shibumi Spa (spa director Soli Davis will rock you head to toe). Check out and book yourself one of the incredible $50 facials we have lined up for Spa Week!

In honor of Spa Week’s $50 Directory launching TODAY (woo!!), we’ve invited Spa Week Daily’s Editor Michelle Joni Lapidos to share her #MakeupFreeMondays tale – along with a reminder to book yourself a skin-kissing facial for Spa Week, taking place nationwide April 11-17. Get that amazing post-facial glow and you’ll wish every day was #MakeupFreeMonday!

Eat this for beauty!

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