Balance, Education and Relaxation Shibumi Spa review

For the past few months I have been suffering from migraines and insomnia, a terrible combination. I spend lots of hours of the night trying to force myself to sleep, except when I have migraines. Those nights, I can’t wait to sleep because that’s the only time the pounding in my head is tolerable. As if that isn’t enough, we underwent an audit at work (STRESSFUL!!!). Needless to say, I was in dire need of a relaxing evening, and Shibumi Spa provided just that.

Shibumi is a hidden sanctuary, located in the lower level of Tribeca’s Eastern Athletic Club. I arrived 30 minutes early and was greeted by the owner, Soli Davis, and her assistant Sha. I was prepared to sit in the waiting area and watch the water flow down the river wall into the pond beneath it, but Soli gave me the option of spending some time in either the sauna or steam room before my appointment. I opted for the sauna and spent a good 15 minutes with my thoughts in the heat.

When I was done in the sauna, I changed into a plush robe and slippers and walked to the treatment room for the first part of my appointment – a mini facial and head to toe anti-oxidant exfoliation treatment, which Soli developed to mimic the baths her grandmother took her to when she was a child in Japan. I got beneath a Mylar wrap and Soli rubbed my body from head to toe with a cranapple-pomegranate scrub, while wearing loofah mittens. As she did the mini facial, she paid attention to the goings on with my body, pointing out that I clench my jaw. It’s true, I suffer from TMJ (jaw pain) and she gave me some tips on how to relax the area at home

I was ready to fall asleep once my scrub was done, but my spa day wasn’t over. I still had to take a shower and return to the treatment room for an hour long healing session. Soli mentioned to me that people have been known to talk to themselves in the shower after the scrub and in my head I thought, “oh boy, she’s nuts!” But, it turns out she was right.

I walked to the shower, truly feeling lighter than I had when I’d arrived, and got in and started to rinse the scrub off. My legs felt unbelievably smooth, and I heard someone say, “My body feels so good.” I took me a s second to realize the words had come from my own mouth. Soli was right! And let me just tell you, I do not have a habit of talking to myself, it was truly the affects of the body scrub. I toweled off and I took a quick glance in the bathroom mirror before going back to the treatment room. My face looked bright, not greasy as it usually does.

The second part of my treatment was the healing session – a mix of reflexology, reiki, and Shiatsu. Soli started off applying pressure to my feet and explaining which areas were related to each part of my body. Then she worked her way up to my hands. Next, she worked out the knots in my shoulders and at my neck she targeted the area related to my migraines.

After two and a half hours, I left the spa feeling more relaxed than I have in a long time. I got straight into bed when I got home and fell asleep watching TV. That night, I slept soundly for six hours, something I rarely ever do.

If you are looking for a place to get away from the hustle and bustle of every day life in New York, I would definitely recommend spending a few hours at Shibumi Spa. From the pond in the waiting area, to the sauna, to the wonderful treatments, and Soli’s extensive knowledge of healing, it’s definitely the perfect way to escape hectic city life for a few hours.

***This treatment was provided for editorial review. However, my review is completely unbiased and was in no way influenced by the complimentary service.***


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