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Detoxifying Bath Ritual

We all have rituals. Some are subconscious and some; we carefully craft to help us navigate through our day. Here are three that I use constantly to help me remain centered, grounded and positive!
Turn your bathroom into a spa- create a sacred sanctuary at home:

1. Detoxifying Bath Ritual: I pour a cup of Epsom or Dead Sea Salts in a full bath, with a little Lavender Essential Oil. As I soak, I use a sugar scrub (which does wonders for sensitive and dry skin) while sipping a cup of green tea. Ok, sometimes I substitute a glass of wine but always have some music that you love as the sound track. Just soak or scrub away and then relax!

2. Daily Shower Ritual: Ok, so I don’t always get to take a bath but I have to take a shower every day. Get a little bath sponge and put lavender essence (to relax or tangerine/citrus to energize) on it, I put it on the top part of my shower caddy… a little aromatherapy goes a long way and there are so many wonderful essences that have incredible properties.

3. Anger Releasing Breath: Curl your tongue and stick it out (If you can’t do that, then curl your tongue to the roof of your mouth); inhale through your mouth and out through your nose. Again, pull up the breath from your diaphragm/stomach and up through your head, breathing in through your mouth and exhaling through your nose, feeling it empty from your head to your stomach. This also helps to released clenched jaws and is really helpful to those that grind their teeth, have TMJ.

Hope that helps you take a bit of the stress from your day.

love, light, laughter

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