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FEATURED ARTICLE: Reflexology for Women’s Health

I’ve had several clients ask me about how reflexology can be used to help support health and others with questions about fertility and women’s health issues. Here is a great article that I’ve found for you. I hope it proves helpful. Of course I would love to answer any additional questions you all have about reflexology, other treatments and skincare.

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Refloxology for Women’s Health

The ovary is the female reproductive system organ that produces ovum. Almost always existing in pairs, you’ll find them located in the lower abdominal cavity of the female body. Situated just on top of the fallopian tubes, with one ovary on either side of the uterus, they are the approximate shape and sizes of an almond.


At the time of ovulation every month; one single mature egg is produce by either one or the other ovary for the purpose of fertilization. Surprisingly, a baby girl has approximately 1,000,000 ovarian follicles when she is born.
Each one of these follicles has an immature egg in the middle. Generally, each of the ovaries will take turn to release an egg every month but in case of those women who have only one ovary, that single ovary will produce the eggs every month.

The ovary reflexes are found on either side of the heel at about the mid-point of the lateral hind-foot. I always tell my students to remember what side of the heel that this important reflex is located on by remembering that there are 2 ovaries and they are bilateral, away from the midline of the body. Therefore, think about the ovaries as on the outside of the foot away from the mid-line so NOT on the medial side.

Over the many years that I’ve been practicing reflexology I began to notice that lots of my female clients were reporting more sensitivity on the lateral heel of one foot one month and then the following month, the sensitivity would be pronounced on the other side.
I’ve never assumed that sensitivity means that there is something definitely wrong. I refer to all reports of sensitivity (pain) as “a call for energy”. That way I’m not diagnosing (which unless I can be 100% accurate, would be a dangerous thing to do). Instead I refer to the body being in a constant state of process – and if there is a problem, they’ll get the diagnosis from their doctor.

There are many diseases of the ovary that can affect women. Some of them are ovarian cancer, polycystic ovarian syndrome and ovarian cysts. Ovarian cancer is also referred to as a silent killer because usually no symptoms will show until the disease has been advanced to the final stage.
It has been estimated that about one-third of the women in the United States will suffer from some kind of cancer and out of these women; about 1.3% of them will suffer from ovarian cancer.
Polycystic ovarian syndrome is considered to be a hormonal disorder and it has been found that it can develop in 7% of the female population.It is one of the most common hormonal disorders that women suffer from.
Ovarian Cysts are similar to blisters and this disease usually affects those women who are still young. While you cannot predict who may get any of the diseases of the ovary, it is also better to take precautions so that you can prevent the disorder from taking place.

What can reflexology do?

Lateral side of foot

If the client reports a problem that has been diagnosed by a doctor, or even if there’s a tenderness at that reflex point during the session, I’ll take time to detail the reflex, the surrounding reflex areas and the system (or systems) that the reflex is a part of.

Like several others, the ovary reflexes are part of two distinct organ systems: the reproductive system and the all important endocrine system. That means that I’ll focus my attention on both. This is a comprehensive way of helping the client’s body to heal itself with the support of reflexology.
We do know that reflexology is phenomenal in its ability to offer relief from stress and help the body to increase its healing potential.

Wow, that’s what I call health support!
And, remember that reflexology is great for self-help too.
Here’s to your good health!
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