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How to protect the SKIN from extreme weather conditions?

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How to protect the SKIN from extreme weather conditions?

The Importance of the Skin Barrier System

Wintertime is the most challenging season for the skin. The cold and wind have the most negative impact on the facial area, since this is the only body part that is uncovered!

It is a well known fact that the skin’s primary function is not its beauty and attractiveness but the barrier function between the environment and inner body system. The better we take care of the skin functioning, the safer our Body feels and as a result, performs better.

People tend to use heavy creams to protect skin from the wind and cold. It is important to remember that as a living organism, the skin needs to BREATH, ventilate…! It becomes even more important under the extreme weather conditions. That is why it is a big NO-NO to clog the skin with oils, waxes and any type of extracts that are foreign to it. These ingredients simply suffocate the skin, damaging its primary purpose (the Body Guard) thus jeopardizing the whole Body functioning, not to mention causing premature aging and other skin related problems….

BIONOVA offers a HEALTHY solution to the skin by enhancing the skin barrier function. In addition, the scientists at BIONOVA know that the skin goes through different stages in its life, just as you do. That is why they have created a complete range of customized skincare to target the skin and its issues in each and every stage of your life.

There are very simple steps to protect your skin from the severe weather conditions:

Step 1: After cleansing your face and eye area apply (twice a week):

The Scrub Alternative (Oil free Massage Cream)
The Mask of your skin type
These two steps clean and purify your skin, enhancing natural skin barrier function. They contain a large group of antioxidants, essential vitamins, natural skin purified agents balanced for the skin…

Step 2: Treatment Products (twice a day):

Proceed with your regular BIONOVA treatment regimen.

Each BIONOVA Treatment product contains from 150 to 300 ingredients (depending on age group, skin type, skin problem..) the very same way that exists in the skin. These ingredients interact with each other and can perform at their highest level only while working simultaneously.

All treatment products ENHANCE the skin barrier system. Since there is no oil, waxes and other foreign to the body ingredients, the skin is not clogged and can breathe/ventilate.

As a result, being the Safe and strong Body Guard, the skin starts looking Healthy and Beautiful!

BIONOVA is currently available at Shibumi Day Spa

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