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Spa Week raves about Soli’s Magic Touch

Soli’s Magic Touch: 90 Minute Facial + Reflexology

The CEO of Spa Week Media Group just tasked me with the duty of booking her the best massage in New York for this Saturday. I booked her 90 minutes with none other than Soli Davis, the spa director at Shibumi Spa.

Soli is admittedly a science geek. She takes nothing at face value (including facials), always researching health claims that pop up in the news, and often seeing right through them. It’s why editors call her all the time for quotes; Soli knows her stuff. She uses all Bionova skincare products, a brand rooted deeply in Biology. For the science geek in us all, I’ve included reflexology charts below, all of which Soli could map out blindfolded. She also signs off her emails with “love, light and laughter,” all of which you will feel in Soli’s warm presence.

With a mix of sass and science-based spa techniques, Soli Davis gave me her famous 90 Minute Facial with Reflexology peppered with facts and tips to give my brain a massage to boot. Literally.

Soli’s treatment, which uses a hybrid of modalities and that she’s crafted meticulously over the years, includes all the typical checkpoints of a great facial: exfoliating, extractions, a peel mask, moisturizer, etc. But what’s particularly notable was everything else that came with it: Her fingers dug deep my scalp, neck, shoulders, forehead and jaw, kneading out all tension with pinpoint accuracy, treating not just my face, but everything that surrounds it and mobilizes it.

Many good facialists include a foot massage while a mask is setting, but Soli turns it up a notch—her facial is not complete without the reflexology that goes with it. The difference between reflexology and a regular foot rub is that therapists who specialize in reflexology can efficiently target various parts of your body by way of your feet, and that’s exactly what Soli did. “This is your neck, these are your sinuses…” she explained as she worked her way through my face and body via the soles of my feet. She also did reflexology on my hands and ears, offering a similar full body therapy.

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