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Soli’s blog: Starting the New Year!

Stressed out? Soli's here to help.

So many times the New Year is full of resolutions, projects and declarations – big and
small. Change no matter how welcome is stressful!

At Shibumi Spa, our resolution is to maintain our standard of providing a sanctuary and treatments that help you return to the best of yourself.

We have created specials that we hope will entice you to keep that resolution to put yourself on your own to do list. Remember that taking the time to take care of yourself helps you to be better, and take better care of the ones your love!

With your mouth slightly open, run your tongue on the outside of your teeth on your upper jaw- touching your back molars to create an internal circle. Do 5 repeats on your upper jaw and then 5 times on your lower jaw, then reverse direction and from your lower jaw first repeat the circle 5 times and then go back to your upper jaw.

If you grind or clench your teeth you should actually feel and hear your jaw release, do this just before going to bed and when you wake up and you’ll feel a difference in your neck and shoulders in a few days.

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