Balance, Education and Relaxation

Season’s Greetings from Soli!

Thank you all for your support and wonderful energy in helping my staff and I realize our dream of creating a cozy sanctuary in the heart of Tribeca.

The holidays are always hectic: there’s the cramming at work, trying to get it all done before vacations start and stressing out about family dynamics. I also think about the too many calories eaten at sumptuous holiday meals, feel guilty over lacking time to work out and fail to really take the time to relax and release.

So after seeing clients all week with tight jaws, necks and shoulders- here are my Holiday gifts to you all: tips to relieve the tension and enjoy. Enjoy all the minor miracles we have everyday, a shared laugh, a sweet smile on a passing child, the love we share and remember to take a deep breath!

1. A tip for releasing tension in your jaw, neck and shoulders:

· While exfoliating or using your massage cream in the shower: circle from your chin to your jaw and open your mouth. This jaw hinge is a major pressure point that affects all five meridian lines; remember this point as it is where you’ll release tension. After circling from your chin to your jaw with both hands simultaneously, press that jaw hinge point (it will be a bit tender) breath in through your nose and exhale through your mouth, while sliding down to the base of your jaw. Repeat 4 times and continue to circle around the rest of your face, rinse off in the shower.

2. For Men Only!
· To get a perfect shave, even with a rough beard and sensitive skin, use the massage cream or exfoliating cleanser and massage in circles both with and against your hair growth in the shower. Doing this before you shave actually sets up your beard and helps to eliminate razor drag and ingrown hairs. This ensures a closer more comfortable shave!

Love, Light and Laughter,

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