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Nylon: Face Off

All it took yesterday was 20 minutes outside in the freezing cold to turn my skin into a red, flaky mess.

Since the hand cream sitting on my desk couldn’t relieve the sting, I turned skin pro Soli Davis, of Shibumi Spa, for some epidural TLC.

The downtown spa uses Bionova, which pairs medical research with beauty breakthroughs. The result is a range of face products that go beyond all-natural–they’re made of the exact same cellular makeup as skin itself.

Fast forward two hours later, after sitting under a blue laser lamp with a face covered in a vitamin-rich mask, and my skin was starting to feel normal.

You can try it out for yourself this weekend — Bionova is offering complimentary facials at Barneys this Sunday (660 Madison Ave) for anyone who picks up one of their anti-stress, anti-flake, anti-breakout products. Yes, you’ll probably see me there… xxRebecca

From December 12, 2009

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